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Canada’s history was forged by pioneers and trailblazers. Nation builders. People of the same vision and character as many of today‘s leaders, families, businesses and foundations, who are connecting the Trans Canada Trail for all Canadians. This year, the Trans Canada Trail welcomed five new leaders as donors to its Chapter 150 Campaign. By committing a minimum of $500,000 in support of the TCT, these modern-day nation builders have helped the Trail reach a connection level of 75 per cent nationwide. But there is still much more to do in order to achieve connection by 2017.

Chapter 150 Leadership Donors

The following organizations and individuals have each committed a minimum of $500,000 in support of the TCT.

Richardson Foundation Richardson Foundation
The Richardson Foundation, established 10 years prior to Canada’s Confederation, celebrated its 150th anniversary in 2007. The significance of that milestone, and that our own firm’s history is so linked to Canada’s history, made the notion of helping to connect Canadians through the Trail very compelling. This project succeeds because of the indomitable grassroots support and community volunteers; they play a vital part in promoting and building the Trail. That’s what makes it so powerful in the truest sense of bringing Canadians together. This is an opportunity for everyone to join those already involved and create a legacy gift to Canada that will last for generations. Our goal is to inspire Canadians everywhere to get behind the nation dream, as this investment will deliver returns long after the celebrations in 2017.
Nancy Baron, Trustee, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation Nancy Baron, Trustee, The W. Garfield Weston Foundation
My support for the Trail goes back to childhood memories of England. We bicycled, paddled, walked, and were always close to nature. I came to Canada in 1948 to study at McGill. We have a summer home in Northern Ontario that is beautiful with enormous trees and trails on the property. My experiences there and elsewhere in Canada have instilled in me a desire to always keep close to nature. I am happy to support programs which help to preserve wildlife and the countryside and encourage Canadians to do the same. It’s wonderful that so many Canadians have stepped up to give their time, expertise and enthusiasm and to make such a great commitment. It’s the Canadian way.
Teck Resources Limited Teck Resources Limited
Don Lindsay, President & CEO.
The Trans Canada Trail is part of building a strong country and we are proud to be contributing to a project that will unite communities across Canada. Our investment will help facilitate the connection of the Trans Canada Trail route linking B.C. communities in the Kootenays, including Trail, Fernie and Elkford – a region where many of our employees and their families live and work. At Teck, we are committed to giving back to those communities through support for initiatives like the Trans Canada Trail. The continued expansion of the Trans Canada Trail will help to ensure British Columbians and visitors alike can enjoy the natural beauty of this province and our country for generations to come.
David Aisenstat David Aisenstat
President & CEO The Keg Steakhouse and Bar.
I’m a hugely proud Canadian. I love this country. I’ve always thought that our wide-ranging landscapes are among the differentiators that make our country so unique – from the beautiful Atlantic coast and Ontario’s lakes to the expansive prairies, the Rocky Mountains and beyond. To think of a Trans Canada Trail extending from coast to coast to coast that will be completed in time to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 – a Trail that will literally connect us and allow everyone to participate – sends a fabulous message of unity across our country. Most, if not all of the people who have the wherewithal to be Chapter 150 supporters care as deeply as I do – as we all do – about Canada’s inclusive nature. What a unique way to say ‘Happy Birthday, Canada. Good for you. Good for all of us. There are a lot of great causes to support in this country, but this one is as meaningful and lasting as they get.
The Ross Beaty Family The Ross Beaty Family
Our family became a Chapter 150 member because we supported the creation and completion of the TCT. It’s good on multiple levels: it promotes fitness and carbon-free travel, it encourages people to get outside and enjoy the beauty of nature, and it is a great Canadian symbol uniting the country from side to side and top to bottom. Our family has spent days cycling the Kettle Valley Railway portion in B.C., and we enjoyed sections of the Trail made possible by generous contributions from other Canadians. So it was a very quick ‘yes’ for us when we were asked to support this campaign.
Brookfield Partners Foundation, Tim Price and Jack Cockwell Brookfield Partners Foundation, Tim Price and Jack Cockwell
Jack Cockwell, Group Chairman, Brookfield Asset Management
The Trans Canada Trail is an amazing national project undertaken by thousands of volunteers for all Canadians and visitors to experience its vastness and natural beauty. The Trail not only reminds Canadians of the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, but also symbolically binds us together in a unique way, stretching across the country from coast to coast to coast. Whether passing through pristine wilderness areas, over mountains, around lakes and through old growth forests, you cannot help but emerge from a hike along any section of the Trail without feeling refreshed, healthier and a more thoughtful person. Everyone at Brookfield congratulates those who had the foresight to conceive and organize the building of the first 17,000 kilometres of the Trans Canada Trail, many of whom remain actively involved with the Chapter 150 Campaign to expedite its completion by Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. We feel truly privileged to have the opportunity to make a contribution in support of this commendable national project, and look forward, with the rest of Canada, to its completion.
Gerald T. McCaughey, President and Chief Executive Officer, CIBC
CIBC is a proud supporter of the Trans Canada Trail and its inspiring vision to span the breadth of our diverse country – in time for Canada’s 150th anniversary in 2017. The Trail connects us to Canada’s extraordinary natural beauty and to each other, linking millions of Canadians from coast to coast to coast. Whether you like to hike, bike or simply enjoy our pristine national parks and waterways, the Trail offers an open invitation to all of us to get outside and discover Canada. CIBC has been a part of the Canadian landscape since Confederation. We have been a partner in the economic vitality and sustainable growth of the thousands of communities we serve, supported by a strong tradition of employee volunteerism. On behalf of all of us at CIBC, thank you to the thousands of volunteers and supporters who are making the Trans Canada dream a reality. As we prepare to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017 – and CIBC’s own 150-year anniversary – the Trail will be an important symbol of unity and a legacy for future generations.
Claude Mongeau, President & CEO
CN, with a rail network spanning Canada from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast, as well into the United States to the Gulf of Mexico, shares much in common with the Trans Canada Trail in that both knit together communities across Canada. We support the Trans Canada Trail's Chapter 150 Campaign because it will complete the more than 23,000-kilometre Trail in time for Canada’s 150th birthday celebration in 2017, giving Canadians a more extensive means of exploring Canadian history, enjoying the diversity of the nation’s land and communities, and contributing to sustainable economic growth. In this, the TCT campaign is fully aligned with CN’s core objectives. CN is a backbone of the economy, moving goods safely and sustainably and helping to foster prosperity, and we are committed to making the communities we serve better, more connected places to live and work.
ESRI Canada ESRI Canada
Alex Miller, President
Building the Trans Canada Trail is a significant achievement for Canada and we're proud to be part of this historic journey. In the same way that the Trail connects all Canadians, we’ve donated resources to develop an interactive Web map that allows people from across the country and around the world to get connected through their Trail experience. They can explore the Trail, upload photos and stories of their visit, and view what others have shared through the map. This builds a valuable resource of collective knowledge that can be passed on to future generations. By doing this, we hope to preserve our national heritage and make the Trail more accessible to everyone.
View the interactive map on the TCT website:
The Globe and Mail The Globe and Mail
Supporting the Trans Canada Trail is a natural choice for the Globe and Mail, which like the Trail, is a reflection of our country and the people who have chosen to settle here. Our newspaper’s founder, George Brown, was one of the Fathers of Confederation and so our roots are closely entwined with the development of our country. Our readers want to know we are continually thinking about what it means to be Canadian. By sharing the Trans Canada Trail story, we can help Canadians understand our history, our geography and our culture and how we continue to evolve as a people. The Globe and Mail is looking forward to seeing the Trail fully connected in 2017, our country’s 150th birthday, so that Canadians can travel at human speed from coast to coast to coast—what a powerful symbol of our interconnectedness and our strength as a nation and what a proud Canadian story we will be able to tell.
Pierre Lassonde Pierre Lassonde
I owe my wealth to Mother Nature. And I have been fortunate to work with geologists who are among the most environmentally conscious people you could ever meet, and to see so much of this magnificent country firsthand. I’ve relished the journey, crisscrossing Canada by plane, train, automobile, canoe, bike and on foot – from Cambridge Bay to Labrador, over mountains and across the prairies and through national parks, including Banff, the oldest of them all; some of the most spectacular, like Fundy; and the Cape Breton Highlands, a national treasure. These are the parts I really want to share with others. The Trail is an invaluable gift to all Canadians and will also help people from all over the world get to know Canada and its people. To those who have the means to contribute, I say, what better way to pay tribute to Canada, this beautiful country.
Loblaw Companies Limited Loblaw Companies Limited
Galen G. Weston, Executive Chairman, Loblaw Companies Limited
The grand stretch of our nation deserves the grand stretch of the Trans Canada Trail. In part, the Trail reflects the sheer geographic span and settings that have defined Canada since its earliest days. More importantly, it creates a tie between the communities and happenings, big and small, that define today’s Canada. Loblaw’s stated purpose is to help Canadians ‘Live Life Well.’ Our company values – like the values of so many Canadians – include respect for the environment and dedication to communities. Supporting the Trail is a wonderful way to bring these commitments to life. It offers a truly Canadian opportunity to get out, get active and get in touch with the places that make our nation such a sight to see.
Jon & Nancy Love Jon & Nancy Love
Our family is proud to be Canadian; we have roots in PEI and have lived in Alberta and Ontario. Over the years, with our children, we have driven every mile of the Trans-Canada Highway and experienced Canada’s natural diversity. We’ve visited such beautiful places as Loon Lake, north of Saskatoon, seen the polar bears in Churchill, Manitoba, and spent summers hiking in Ontario’s parks and Alberta’s mountains, and camping on beaches from Tofino on Vancouver Island’s west coast to Newfoundland’s Avalon Peninsula and PEI’s red-sand shores. The Trans Canada Trail affords Canadians ways to experience our country’s enormous scale and diversity, including its geography, climates and people, just like the Trans- Canada Highway did for our family, and what the CPR did in its generation. By connecting these and other special places together, the Trail is a great symbol of Canada’s unity, and the extraordinary Canadian journey that makes us all proud.
Rob and Cheryl McEwen Rob and Cheryl McEwen
Communication of ideas drives our philanthropy, so projects that foster hybrid thoughts and the kind of fresh thinking needed to generate solutions interest me us. Canada needs big visions. We like this one. That’s why we decided to contribute. The Trans Canada Trail is an excellent way to link Canadians together. We believe it will encourage Canadians to experience our country’s beauty and variety and also draw visitors from outside of Canada, which can only help foster the exchange of ideas. The TCT makes a strand – a link across this magnificent country – that helps solidify us. We should encourage more Canadians to see Canada. Our advice: a great way to do it is to get out and start walking the Trail.
PotashCorp PotashCorp
William J. Doyle, President and Chief Executive Officer, PotashCorp
At PotashCorp, we have a strong connection to the land – through the essential nutrients we produce for farmers, who use our products to help grow healthy, nutritious food. Our potash, nitrogen and phosphate products are transported to more than 40 countries around the world, but at the heart of our company is the land, and what it can grow. The Trans Canada Trail is an important part of enjoying our natural environment and building our sense of community. For these reasons, PotashCorp is pleased to play a role in extending the Meewasin Valley Trail to connect the City of Saskatoon to an outstanding national historic site – Wanuskewin Heritage Park. Saskatchewan is such a beautiful province, and we are proud to invest in completing this portion of the Trans Canada Trail. We look forward to celebrating a Trail that connects Canadians from coast to coast to coast by 2017.
Power Corporation of Canada Power Corporation of Canada
We were an early supporter of the TCT; our commitment goes back about 10 years. We see the Trail as an extension of the national dream, one that aligns well with our views as a Quebec-based company with a Canadian vision and a strong sense of corporate duty towards society. Environmentally, the TCT is also a good fit for Power Corporation. Although we have a very low ecological impact, we give substantially to environmental causes. By showcasing the environment and making natural areas more accessible for public enjoyment, we believe the TCT encourages in Canadians a desire to experience, enjoy, preserve and protect the environment. With the finish line now within sight, we are proud to have come on board as one of the first Chapter 150 donors to contribute to the Trail’s completion by 2017.
Robert A. Quartermain Robert A. Quartermain
President and CEO, Director, Pretivm
Almost every day, I run or walk on the Trans Canada Trail – to my office in downtown Vancouver, or to Granville Island to get groceries. I also have a home in Fredericton, New Brunswick – near where I grew up – that is located on the Salamanca Trail, connecting to the TCT and the Bill Thorpe Walking Bridge (Old Railway Bridge) that crosses the St. John River, where one can get outdoors year-round. As an exploration geologist, I have spent the past 38 years living and working in nearly every province and territory of this great country – often in remote areas like Baker Lake (Nunavut), Natashquan on the lower St. Lawrence River (Quebec), and Daniel’s Harbour, near Gros Morne National Park (Newfoundland and Labrador). This country has been very good to me; supporting the TCT is a way for me to give back and help celebrate our country’s 150th birthday. It’s also a great way to promote green activities and healthy living. That’s good for all of us.
Shaw Communications Inc. Shaw Communications Inc.
The Trans Canada Trail and the volunteers who are bringing it to life reflect the ambition, character and boldness of our proud history and promising future.
Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations, A Glencore Company
Our support of the Trans Canada Trail reflects the fact that we aim to balance the social, environmental and economic impacts of our operations in our host communities. We also see the Trail as an opportunity to inspire and involve our employees in a meaningful way to promote a more sustainable society. We can achieve this by focusing our support of the Trail in and around our Sudbury Integrated Nickel Operations in Ontario, where it will create a social asset that enables people to enjoy the environment, learn about our natural heritage and promote a healthy lifestyle. Importantly, a portion of our gift will go directly to community engagement efforts, entrenching the Trail as a highly valued asset in the hearts and minds of Canadians.
TransCanada Corporation TransCanada Corp
Russ Girling, President & CEO
Our mission at TransCanada isn’t just to provide Canadians with energy to light and heat their homes, but also to help build and sustain communities across the country. Whether it's providing financial support, sharing resources or volunteering, we are proud to play an active role and to give something back. Our support of the Trans Canada Trail is a natural fit. The Trail will be within 30 minutes of 80 per cent of the Canadian population, energizing countless communities across Canada. By supporting the Trans Canada Trail, our organization participates in an initiative that promotes environmental education and stewardship by providing opportunities for Canadians to learn about our country's environment, history and culture. I am proud to be a part of the Trans Canada Trail campaign cabinet and am thrilled that our company is contributing to this important national project, which connects communities across the country in an inspired and meaningful way.

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Our goal is to connect the Trans Canada Trail by 2017 to celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary of Confederation and the 25th year of the Trail.

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