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Our Mission: We will promote and assist in the development and use of the Trans Canada Trail by
supporting success at the local level in the creation of this national network.

Since the Trans Canada Trail was founded in 1992, it has captured the hearts and minds of Canadians from every region and every walk of life. One of the largest volunteer efforts undertaken in Canada, it is a bold undertaking, almost as immense as Canada itself. People who love and appreciate their land and history have contributed countless hours and dollars to further its development.

The Trans Canada Trail is a multi-use recreational trail comprised of land and water routes across urban, rural and wilderness landscapes. Now 86 percent connected, the Trail is over 20,000 kilometres long, linking the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic coasts. Comprised of locally managed segments, the Trail is within 30 minutes of more than 80 percent of Canadians and runs through or near 1,000 communities.

The Trans Canada Trail provides myriad benefits:

  • National Legacy – creating a sustainable gift for future generations
  • Health – inspiring active living and transportation
  • Environment – preserving green space and promoting conservation
  • Education – deepening awareness of Canada's history, culture and natural heritage
  • Economic Development – stimulating tourism and creating jobs

    The Trans Canada Trail – A gift from Canadians to Canadians

Chapter 150

This circle of influential and visionary leaders will help us connect the Trail and all Canadians.

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Photos from the Trail

Photo by: Douglas Gibb
Trail: McIntyre Creek