Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, AB

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The new 3,430-acre day-use Provincial Park rests between Calgary and Cochrane and is only minutes away from either direction. The land was contributed by a long-time ranching family in 2006 that could see that the two communities would eventually connect through development. It was their vision that a spectacular natural landscape should also connect the two communities. This highly anticipated treasure is for the enjoyment of surrounding communities, the entire province and beyond. The sheer breadth and scope of the Park has individuals, families, community groups, businesses and tourist groups excited at the potential for recreation, health and wellness activities, as well as opportunities for education, research, reclamation and volunteer programs.

The creation of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park legislatively protects this spectacular and increasingly threatened landscape along the north shoreline of the Bow River. It also provides a unique opportunity to celebrate and showcase Alberta’s rich ranching history and culture.

Over the next decade, it’s estimated that millions of visitors will use the Park. Some will come from across Canada and around the world. Some visitors will come again and again, and some will make the Park a regular part of their lifestyle.

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