Kettle Valley Rail Trail, Penticton to Adra Tunnel, B.C.

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Some say that the Okanagan Lake shoreline at Penticton looks like southern California with is beachfront bistros, sandy beach, blue water and surrounding sun-drenched hills. Penticton is the start of the Kettle Valley Railway’s Carmi subdivision, one of six KVR subdivisions that now provide wonderful trail experiences.

From the benchlands on the east side Okanagan Lake, the trail offers up incredible views of the lake and nearby communities. And then there are the many wineries! You can walk or cycle to many of them.

At Little Tunnel you will be compelled to stop and take in the views. You must take a camera! Benches have been provided for you to rest and perhaps enjoy a snack or lunch.

Above Little Tunnel the trail gradually ascends the slopes of Okanagan Mountain. A popular access point is the Glenfir Station. From here a further 8 km ride or hike will bring you to the Adra Tunnel. Although closed to through passage, you can visit either end of the tunnel. At 490 meters in length, this is the longest tunnel on the KVR.

A curiosity along this higher part of the trail are the rock ovens. The work crews who built the KVR many years ago constructed dome-shaped ovens from local rock, in which they baked their bread. Many of the ovens have been restored.

Beyond the Adra Tunnel the trail continues into the interior of British Columbia.

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Photos from the Trail

Photo by: Jeannette Klein
Trail: Kananaskis Country Park