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The Trans Canada Trail is YOUR Trail, and we want to know YOUR Trail story!

Starting April 9 on our Facebook and Twitter using the hashtags #tctrail and #trailstory, share your pictures and videos on the Trans Canada Trail nearest you until June 7, 2014, International Trails Day!

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This campaign kicked off on We Day in Ottawa, April 9, when Trail enthusiast Dana Meise shared HIS Trail story, how his cross-country trek along the Trans Canada Trail improved his life, and how getting outdoors and connecting on the Trail could change YOURS.



Canadians spend an estimated 90 per cent of their time indoors


The benefits of being outdoors are seemingly endless, but here are a few that really stand out:

Outdoor activity

- increases life expectancy and is linked to faster recovery times for illnesses

- helps improves mood and stimulate coping skills and reduces feelings of anger, aggression, anxiety and depression

- contributes to the development of positive aspirations

- stimulates critical thinking and risk-taking skills

- is linked to improved academic achievement


What are you waiting for? Get out on the Trail nearest you and tell us YOUR Trail story!

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Dana Meise a 39-year-old Canadian explorer, adventurist, and forest technologist who hails from Prince George, British Columbia. Fuelled by a deep passion for the outdoors and a passion for Canada, Dana is the first person to successfully carry out a solo hike across Canada on the southern portion of the Trans Canada Trail--a 16,000-kilometre, 26,000,000-step journey from Cape Spear, Newfoundland to Clover Point, British Columbia. On April 15th 2014, Dana will be continuing his hike to the Arctic Ocean, a distance of nearly 8000 kilometres. When he arrives in 2016, he will be the only person in the world to have hiked the entire Trans Canada Trail from coast to coast to coast. Follow Dana on Facebook.


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Photos from the Trail

Photo by: Betty Anne Graves
Trail: Banff Legacy Trail