The new British Columbia Guidebook is here!

May 10, 2008 | 2 comments

Five years in the making, the Trans Canada Trail: British Columbia is a trail and outdoor guide for hikers and cyclists everywhere, at all levels of athletic ability. Painstakingly researched by Vancouver Island author/photographer Bruce Obee, the guidebook’s 24 chapters show you how to get on the Trans Canada Trail, where to eat, shop, stay overnight, and what you can expect to see in each region.


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B.C.’s Trans Canada Trail covers over 2,000 kilometres of operational trail – thats a lot of spectacular scenery to take in. This official guide is jam-packed with information including 64 maps, kilometre-by-kilometre detail, and 185 inspiring colour photographs of all that the Trail has to offer.

Bruce Obee, 398 pages, 64 maps; published by Whitecap Books, April 2008. $29.95.


  • Looking forward to having that book. Still planning to do the whole TCT in 2011 ! Maybe even earlier, preferably a lot of walking !

    Silvia Jungo  |  May 29th, 2008 at 5:54 pm

  • I have used the trail here frequently, but it is being ruined by all terrain vehicle use. From the Myra canyon trestles near Kelowin BC to the Coalmont canyon with its tunnels , river rapids and beaches, this was a great trail. We used to have bicycle tour groups coming from Europe but they can’t stand it any more. The surface has been churned up into dust by ATV’s and motorbikes.The ATVers even write to our local newspapers saying that the “No motorised vehicle ” signs make them feel unwelcome! But they still keep coming , much to the chagrin of local ranchers whose fields and hillsides are also getting destroyed by these machines. How do we keep the machines off and get our trail back? We don’t mind snowmobiles in winter because there are no other users then. We have much nicer trails for cross country ski-ing.
    In summer there are hikers,horse riders,mountain bikers,and just ordinary dog walkers. What we all have in common is our dislike of noisy, dusty, smelly machinery ruining it for the rest of us. Repeated appeals to our BC government has produced no action or response.

    Johnh Henry  |  February 21st, 2009 at 6:42 pm

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