Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) Trans Canada Trail Bike Ride

Date & Time

January 1, 1970


Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) is proposing a bike ride along parts of the Trans Canada trail in which participants would collect pledges and 100% of funds raised would go back to TMA. These monies would, in turn, help TMA create brighter futures by providing high quality teacher training in under-resourced communities.
Presently, TMA’s Canadian mentors represent 6 different school boards across southern Ontario. In an effort to connect our Canadian supporters, we foresee a trail ride being organized across 3 geographical regions possibly, to incorporate the various school board regions. Thanks to the brilliant network of the Trans Canada Trail, we can see expanding this event in the years to come to include new locations and longer distances.
We are excited about the prospect of having our inaugural trail ride kick off during the same year as Canada’s 150th birthday festivities. Like the Trans Canada Trail, which connects this beautiful and diverse nation of ours, TMA is committed to connecting people and cultures. We have so much to celebrate together.

Teacher Mentors Abroad (TMA) is a registered not-for-profit charity with no religious or political affiliations. TMA Mentors are change agents striving for and motivated by a better education for students today in an effort to increase their chances of a brighter tomorrow.
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