Future-proof the Trail!

You can protect the Trail from the impacts of climate change

Wildfires. Windstorms. Floods. These and other extreme climate change-related weather events threaten the Trans Canada Trail, along with our beloved country.

The Trail is a vital lifeline for people and communities across Canada, as well as visitors from around the globe. It contributes significantly to our quality of life – and to our economic well-being. It also preserves critical natural habitat for many plant and animal species.

We must do everything we can to protect it.

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Join us and help future-proof the Trail today!

The Trans Canada Trail stretches from the Atlantic to the Pacific and the Arctic oceans. It is the world’s longest network of trails, and a unique legacy for all to enjoy.

Will you join with other passionate nature-lovers and help future-proof the Trail against the impacts of climate change?

Your gift will:

  • Fund emergency repairs and help fortify the Trail against future climate events
  • Enhance the health and well-being of people – and our country – by developing more active transportation routes.
  • Make the Trail more accessible for seniors and people with disabilities.

Will you help future-proof the Trail today?

Donate Now