Turn Blahs into Ahhhs

Make a gift to protect and strengthen the Trans Canada Trail – and yourself!

Winter in Canada can be long, dark and cold. That dark and cold can bring on increased feelings of sadness, loneliness and depression. We call these feelings the Winter Blahs.

You can join us today and help turn those blahs … into ahhhs!

Your gift today will strengthen and protect the Trans Canada Trail – ensuring it remains safe and accessible for all trail users to get outside into nature this winter.

You know how important time outside can be to your mental health and well-being. As we like to say … “getting outside is good for your inside!” Research backs this up. Some doctors are even giving their patients a prescription to get time outside as part of their mental health treatment plans.

Help keep the Trail safe and accessible.

The Trans Canada Trail spans over 28,000 km from the Pacific to the Arctic and the Atlantic oceans. It connects more than 15,000 communities across Canada.

Here are some ways donors have helped over the past year:

  • Provided 279 grants to local trail organizations to improve their sections of the Trail.
  • Invested $1.7 million in Trail infrastructure and major repair projects to build, expand or resurface paths, and improve drainage.
  • Subsidized 67 jobs for youth facing barriers to employment. These young people provided GIS surveying, bird research, trail tourism marketing, mapping and more.

Give to day to make sure the Trail is safe and accessible this winter.