The Great Trail of Canada

What’s so Great About it?

Connecting Canada from coast to coast to coast

The Trail is great because of people who gave what they could to ensure this ambitious dream would become a point of pride for all Canadians.

The Trail is great thanks to thousands of dreamers, can-doers, volunteers, friends and partners that contributed to this groundbreaking trail network that now stretches over 24,000 kilometres.

The Trail is great because of the courage and passion of thousands of grassroots volunteers, supporters and who have stood beside us for years, sometimes decades. They shed sweat and tears to bring the impossible dream of connection to fruition. The work they set out to accomplish, the resistance they pushed against and their generosity epitomize Canada’s greatness.

This is what inspired us to introduce the name “The Great Trail” in 2016.


As the national connection of the Trail approached, and we were getting ready to tell the world about this great achievement, we realized that what made the prospect of a connected Trail incredible was not just the fact that it would weave across the country. The truly great Canadian spirit and dedication made that vision a reality. This had to be celebrated in a lasting fashion. After months of careful consideration and risk assessment, and thorough conversations with experts and stakeholders, TCT and its Board of Directors decided to rename the physical trail with a name that would transcend its physical attributes and highlight who it represents, and what its connection would mean for Canada and the world.  Though the physical Trail was renamed, it was important to preserve our national movement’s heritage. This is why the name of our organization remains Trans Canada Trail.

Putting Canada front and centre

Salt Marsh Trail, NS, by Daniel Baylis

Many of our local Trail groups, along with local, national and international media, have responded positively to the change. However, we have received feedback from some of our long-standing supporters who felt that, up until that point, we should not only honour and highlight the Canadian nature of our Trail, but also make it clear that our Trail is of Canada.

We heard them. As a charity mindful of our expenses, we undertook a months-long reflection on ways to highlight the Canadian nature of our trail without triggering an expensive revamp of our brand identity introduced in 2016.


The Great Trail of Canada

Moving forward, the of Canada signature will be attached to our logo in all marketing materials to encapsulate the Canadian nature of our identity. This execution of the logo will not affect signage, nor present any significant requirement for our partners on their communications channels.

The added emphasis on of Canada, emphasizes every part of The Great Trail’s story. While Trans Canada Trail celebrates the impressive feat of connecting the land, it’s only one facet of how great the Trail is. The Great Trail of Canada pays tribute to that achievement, while connecting it to our ongoing work and the accomplishments that are yet to come.

In pursuit of greatness

We believe that The Great Trail will continue to capture the hearts and minds of Canadians and visitors.  However, if we ever missed a chance to make you feel included, we sincerely apologize. The Trail is – and always has been – about uniting people and making everyone feel welcome on Canada’s national Trail.

Moving forward, our organization will focus on pressing priorities around the execution of our mission – the development and enhancement of The Great Trail of Canada for generations to come.

Onwards and upwards!


Thank you