Taking Care of Canada’s Trail

A TrailKeeper is someone just like you, who loves nature and cares deeply about protecting it. You know how vitally important access to the great outdoors is to our physical and mental health.

The Trans Canada Trail offers an important connection to nature for many people across the country. As such, it’s one of Canada’s most precious natural resources! We’ve got to do everything we can to ensure its future.

That’s why we need YOU to become a TrailKeeper.

Help keep the Trail safe and accessible

When you take action with a monthly donation to Trans Canada Trail, you become a TrailKeeper – a committed caretaker of the Trail.

Will you join this special group of loyal champions, committed to protecting and stewarding the Trail all year long?

Your monthly gift will also ensure we have the funds to plan for any emergencies, so Trail repairs can be kept to a minimum and more people can benefit from the Trail every day.

With your sustained investment, you take action to protect the Trail, so it remains open and accessible to all – today and tomorrow.

Give today and make sure the Trail is safe and accessible all year long.