The Confederation Trail Public Survey

The Confederation Trail was Prince Edward Island’s first section of the Trans Canada Trail, completed in August of 2000.

It is currently jointly designed by the Government of Prince Edward Island and Trans Canada Trail as a greenway, allowing for a number of ways for people to use the trail, including cycling and hiking but excluding the use of motorized vehicles.  

The Government of Prince Edward Island, through the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure is seeking feedback from Islanders to determine policy for future use of the Trail. We encourage all Islanders to complete the survey and have your voices heard on maintaining the greenway status of the Confederation Trail. 

Confederation Trail Public Survey

Our Greenway Vision

Trans Canada Trail works to protect and increase the number of designated greenway sections on the Trail, and offer unique opportunities to get outdoors, explore major cities and small towns, experience our ever-changing landscapes, and discover Canada’s rich history and diverse cultures and communities.


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