Beyond breaking records, Canada’s playground unites a nation of trailblazers

Different, but equal

Inspiring. Determined. Connected. These are just a few words that describe our Pathfinders – a diverse community of hikers, cyclists, photographers and adventurers who are united by the Trans Canada Trail. Some use the Trail every day or on weekends, and share their passion for it with their communities. Others undertake long-distance expeditions across Canada along the Trail – a feat that could take over two years to accomplish. The experiences of our Pathfinders motivate us and demonstrate that, on the Trail, we're different but equal. Discover their stories.

Trail Pioneers

Whether they experienced the Trail in its entirety or in sections, these trailblazers have already faced the daunting prospect of crossing Canada on foot – and rose to the challenge. Whether eastbound (ESBO), westbound (WEBO) or Thru from west (THRUWE), they have become role models. Discover or re-discover them.