Position available: Trans Canada Trail Signage Officer

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Position Description: Signage Officer

I. Role Description & Reporting Relationships:

This is a one-year position reporting to the National Director of Trails and based in either Montreal, Quebec or Fredericton, New Brunswick.

The Signage Officer is responsible for
•    the development & implementation of way-finding signage, trailhead signage, interpretation panels and other signage on TCT trails across the country.
•    the review of existing pavilions, and development of  recommendations for maintenance and repair,  and to  ensure placement of donor panels.
•    liaising with partners to ensure TCT recognition signage is in place at construction sites and
•    responsible for coordinating TCT representation at trail opening events with the CEO’s office.

II. Key Responsibilities:

Wayfinding and Trailhead Signage Program
•    Develop effective way-finding and trailhead signage which meets TCT’s branding standards in consultation with the Director of Communications
•    Develop and implement a plan to obtain rights to place signage along government roadways
•    Develop and manage a signage inventory system.
•    Collect data on existing signage; work with GIS unit to incorporate wayfinding and trailhead signage inventory into geo-database.
•    Work with GIS unit to develop virtual signage
•    Develop, implement and manage an effective consistent signage distribution/delivery system
•    In consultation with provincial and territorial partners, develop, implement and manage a national signage installation program

Interpretation Panel Program
•    Develop and implement a national Interpretation Panel inventory system
•    Work with GIS unit to incorporate panel inventory into geo-database

TCT Recognition:
•    Ensure TCT recognition signage is in place on all construction sites
•    Track trail opening events.  Work with the Director of Communications to ensure TCT and donors receive appropriate recognition

•    Update the inventory of pavilions including the following details:
•    Current physical condition of structures
•    Current physical condition of panels
•    Ownership contracts of current structures
•    Maintenance/Management contracts of current structures
•    Develop a plan for retrofitting and repairing existing structures
•    Work with Provincial Trail Coordinators to ensure timely placement of panels

•    Other tasks as assigned by the National Director of Trails

III. Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

•    Ability to communicate effectively verbally and in writing;
•    Ability to communicate complicated, controversial, timely, messages to partners, when faced with multiple issues;
•    Ability to build and maintain relationships with partners, stakeholders and other agencies;
•    Ability to work effectively in a cross-functional environment; that is, able to work with other sections or functions of the organization to achieve common goals;
•    Sound judgment;
•    Personally connects with others;
•    Share Trans Canada Trails Vision;
•    Make things happen;
•    Demonstrate Integrity;
•    Strives for excellence;
•    Bilingualism required.

IV. Experience & Education

Minimum 2 years experience is the following areas:
•    Working with partners and stakeholders;
•    Working on a multidisciplinary team within an organization on a common goal /product;
•    Managing and evaluating programs (project management);
•    College Diploma or Bachelors degree in a related field.

Applications should be sent to info@tctrail.ca.  The deadline for applications is April 27th, 2012.

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