Complaints Policy


At Trans Canada Trail, we are committed to providing excellent service to all our stakeholders. We understand that from time to time, there may be issues that arise which result in complaints or concerns. We take all complaints seriously, and we are committed to addressing them in a timely and effective manner.

The purpose of this policy is to provide our stakeholders with a clear process on how they may register a concern or complaint.


This policy applies to all external stakeholders of Trans Canada Trail, including but not limited to trail users, donors, partners and members of the public.

The policy is published on Trans Canada Trail’s website.



A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about the service, actions or lack of action by Trans Canada Trail as an organization or by a staff member or volunteer acting on behalf of Trans Canada Trail. Examples include, but are not limited to:

  • perceived failure to do something agreed upon
  • failure to observe policy or procedures
  • error made by a staff member or volunteer
  • unfair or discourteous actions/statements by a staff member or volunteer

Confidentiality and Non-Retaliation

We understand that making a complaint can be a difficult decision. We treat all complaints with the utmost confidentiality and sensitivity, and we will not retaliate against any complaints made in good faith. Any information collected with respect to complaints will be subject to our Privacy Policy.

We are committed to continually improving our service and invite stakeholder feedback on this policy and its process at any time.


Stakeholders who have a complaint or concern, may bring it to our attention by contacting us through any of the following methods:

We request that stakeholders provide us with as much detail as possible, including contact information and any relevant documentation.

Once we receive a complaint, we will acknowledge it within two to five business days. We will then investigate the issue and provide a response within 30 business days of receiving the complaint. If we require more time to investigate the complaint, we will provide the complainant with an estimated timeframe for our response.

If the complainant is not satisfied with our response, they can escalate their complaint to our Chief Operating Officer (COO) by emailing A final response will be provided within 30 business days.

Documenting and Reporting

It is necessary to keep a record of any complaint that involves a dispute over money as well as any complaint that cannot be resolved immediately (on the same day it is received). Trans Canada Trail will log and track such complaints and provide on an annual basis a summary report to the Governance & HR Committee of the Trans Canada Trail Board of Directors.


This policy is the responsibility of the Governance & HR Committee of the Trans Canada Trail Board of Directors. The policy is reviewed by this committee every five years. Any updates or changes to the policy are approved by the Trans Canada Trail Board of Directors.


Approved by the TCT Board of Directors – January 16, 2024