Trans Canada Trail & Peace by Chocolate: One Trail, One Love

A partnership to support trails impacted by climate change

Trans Canada Trail is proud to partner with Peace by Chocolate in the creation of One Trail, One Love: a collection of four Trans Canada Trail-themed chocolate bars inspired by community spirit, connectedness and the natural beauty of the land we’re lucky enough to inhabit. But right now, that land is at risk.

The effects of climate change – including flash flooding and forest fires – are impacting trails across the country. To help protect and preserve Canada’s most iconic trail network, $1 from each One Trail, One Love bar sold will be directed toward the Trans Canada Trail Climate Emergency Support Fund, and used to repair Nova Scotian trails impacted by severe weather.

You can support the Trail through chocolate

This partnership is a win-win for Trail lovers, chocolate lovers and anyone who wants to protect access to nature during unprecedented changes to Canada’s climate.

Take your pick of the four Trail-themed chocolate bars (or try them all)! Each bar reflects one of the changing seasons and the incredible bounty we can find along the Trail, from coast to
coast to coast.

Yes, please!

About Peace by Chocolate

Peace by Chocolate was founded by the Hadhad family, whose original chocolate factory was destroyed in a 2012 bombing in Damascus, Syria.  Fast-forward three years, and the family came to Canada as refugees, putting down new roots in Antigonish, Nova Scotia. Peace by Chocolate was founded in 2016 and has been sharing its passion for chocolate – and offering up deliciousness – since that time. 

Show your love for the Trail

Help us to maintain our connection: with one another, with the land, and along the Trail – it’s now 28,000 kilometres long and continues to grow! With every One Trail, One Love bar you buy, you help us ensure a safe and accessible Trail for years to come. After all, a one-of-a-kind cross-country Trail is much more than its individual sections – it’s a unique gift for everyone who embraces the outdoors, as we play our part as community members and as environmental stewards, enhancing and maintaining the Trail. Show up for #OneTrailOneLove. 

*Trans Canada Trail receives fundraising benefit from cause marketing partnerships. $1 from each bar sold supports Trans Canada Trail. There are no maximum or minimum fundraising amounts set through this agreement.