Niagara 2022 Canada Games Social Media Promotion Toolkit

This toolkit includes messaging and social media content for the Niagara 2022 Canada Summer Games Torch Relay along the Trans Canada Trail.

Here’s how to spread the word:

Encourage your followers to share on their social media channels 

  • Use the hashtags:  
    • #LightUpTheTrail
    • #TransCanadaTrail
    • #CSLTorchJourney
    • #Niagara2022
    • #2022CanadaGames
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  • Like, share or comment on content that we post 
  • Share the posts and tweets below, following the torch relay’s itinerary 
  • Share how you’ll be cheering on the Torchbearers along the Trail! 

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Suggested social media messages

We’ve gone ahead and written some posts for you to share! Use them as inspiration, or simply copy/paste, but be sure to tag us with the appropriate handles, above, for each social media platform so we can see it and share it far and wide! 

Big week alert! June 4 is #InternationalTrailsDay and just 2 days later, it’s time to #LightUpTheTrail with the #Niagara2022 Canada Summer Games #CSLTorchJourney. Join us along the #TransCanadaTrail – find out more here:

The #2022CanadaGames are coming to Niagara this summer and we can’t wait! Don’t miss the chance to cheer on the Torchbearers at the #Niagara2022 torch relay along the #TransCanadaTrail between June 6 and 15. #LightUpTheTrail  

As part of our 30th anniversary celebrations, we’re proud to partner with the #Niagara2022 Canada Summer Games to bring the Canada Games Torch from Ottawa to Montreal along the #TransCanadaTrail, as part of the #CSLTorchJourney. #LightUpTheTrail – Find out more here: 

June checklist: 
1. Explore the #TransCanadaTrail
2. Follow the Torchbearers’ journey along the #TransCanadaTrail route for the #Niagara2022 Canada Summer Games #CSLTorchJourney
3. Combine Trail adventuring and a torch relay celebration to #LightUpTheTrail

Did you know the 28th edition of the #Niagara2022 Canada Summer Games are coming up? Trans Canada Trail is a proud partner of the Games in an epic 9-day torch relay that journeys along the #TransCanadaTrail in Ontario and Quebec. Find out more: #LightUpTheTrail #2022CanadaGames #CSLTorchJourney

Come one, come all! The #Niagara2022 Torch Relay is here! #TransCanadaTrail will be cheering on [TORCHBEARER NAME] on [DATE] at [MEETING POINT]. Help us spread the love for the #2022CanadaGames. #LightUpTheTrail #CSLTorchJourney

Do you like fun? We do too! On the schedule today: join us for the #Niagara2022 Canada Games Torch Relay along the #TransCanadaTrail, as part of the #CSLTorchJourney. Find out more: 


Pair the above messages with any of the promotional visuals below:

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