Coastal Link Trail

We’re working with the Government of New Brunswick to build a lasting 200-kilometre connection across the province.

Trans Canada Trail (TCT) applauds and supports the Government of New Brunswick’s recognition of the importance of its trails through The New Brunswick Trails Action Plan. We are thrilled that the provincial government shares our view that trails are worth the investment – not just in terms of boosting the economy and promoting mental and physical health, but also in creating thriving, connected communities.

Support locally. Impact nationally.

As part of the Action Plan, TCT will partner with our valued provincial trail groups to achieve our mutual objectives in health, well-being and the economy. As such, we are seeking financial support so that we can:

  • Protect the Trail’s legacy by supporting the critical work of volunteers as they convert interim roadways to greenways and repair damage caused by natural disasters
  • Connect people by making the Trail more accessible and installing adapted signage for Trail enthusiasts of varying abilities
  • Connect places by linking more communities and developing new Trail sections that encourage Canadians and visitors to experience everything that our majestic country has to offer

You have a role to play to ensure the Trans Canada Trail in New Brunswick remains a legacy that we can all take pride in – now and forever.

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When finished in 2025, the 200-kilometre Coastal Link Trail will be a provincial highlight – it will connect the Trans Canada Trail in Saint John, New Brunswick, with the East Coast Greenway at the Canada-U.S. border in St. Stephen. This international trail will also bring local communities together, linking St. Stephen with Oak Bay, St. Andrews, St. George, Penfield and Spruce Lake.

The 1.8-kilometre Waterfront Trail in St. Stephen was completed in October 2020 and now directly connects the Coastal Link Trail to the East Coast Greenway at the international border at Calais, Maine. This trail was upgraded with a paved surface, which improves accessibility and user experience. In addition, new trail infrastructure created now supports safe active transportation. A trailhead will be built along this 1.8-kilometre section once work is complete. More work on future Trail sections are planned to start in the spring of 2021.

To learn more about the Coastal Link Trail and how you can contribute to this exciting project, please contact:

Cheryl Hanson at

All gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized in St. Stephen once the project is completed.

Thank you