Making an Impact

We are so grateful to our supporters. Whether a contribution comes from a family, a corporation or a foundation, there is one constant: a desire to connect the longest trail in the world. Here is a spotlight on two of these valued contributors who care deeply about strengthening our legacy.

Redefining Wealth for Future Generations

Vancity maintains a vision that dovetails with TCT’s mission. As Canada’s largest community credit union, this financial co-operative chose to showcase Victoria’s bustling downtown waterfront via a signature pathway. To that end, they’ve donated $50,000 toward developing the David Foster Trail – a segment of the City of Victoria Pathway. With Vancity’s support, this public amenity will allow Victoria’s residents and visitors to enjoy an enhanced harbour waterfront Trail network. With Vancity’s support, this significant public amenity will allow Victoria’s residents and visitors to gain access to the harbour waterfront Trail network. The picturesque pathway will also provide enjoyment for schools, community groups and visitors to the area. Fostering a positive ripple effect that will extend far into the future, Vancity’s gift will help shape generations of trail builders by providing an abundance of outdoor areas for education and environmental awareness.

Building a Nation of Philanthropists

The Coffin Family on the Cowichan Trail. Photo by Carolyn Coffin

The Coffin family, believes that exercise and outdoor activities are essential elements of their overall well-being. So when health coach and former physiotherapist Carolyn Coffin read about The Great Trail in The Globe and Mail a few years ago, she knew she wanted to direct her family’s giving to TCT. Today, the Trail is a gift to others from Carolyn and her family.
“This past Christmas, we made a gift to TCT for my brother-in-law and included a note in their card about the Trail, with resources for the Winnipeg section,” she explains.
At the same time, the Trail also acts as a gift to their own active family of four, since Carolyn, her husband John, nine-year-old son Trevor and seven-year-old daughter Elyse are already planning their vacations using The Great Trail map. “Our big dream is to do the entire thing — not all at once but over time,” Carolyn says. “We look at it as an adventure and as a way to see parts of the country we knew about but wouldn’t otherwise have seen.”