National Guidelines for Classifying Multi-Use Trails in Canada

Trans Canada Trail is pleased to release the National Guidelines for Classifying Multi-Use Trails in Canada. 

These guidelines are being made available to all of Canada’s trail ecosystem to help trail operators and partners classify trails, define their trail experiences and evaluate their trail’s tourism readiness. 

Why these  guidelines?

Great trails are one of the most desired recreational resources in Canada. Trails are also tourism drivers that bring important economic benefits to communities across the country and help to attract and retain residents, businesses and investment. But great trails do not “just happen”. They are the product of deliberate planning, design, construction and management. And, clear, consistent and visitor experience focused trail classification is the foundation of good trail planning and design and for helping visitors find the right trail for them.  

Consisting of three separate guides, these guidelines are being made available to our Trail partners and all of Canada’s trail ecosystem to help trail operators.  

View the guidelines:

  1. Introduction
  2. A guide to classifying trails
  3. A guide to defining trail experiences
  4. A guide to evaluating trail tourism readiness
  5. Appendices, glossary and references
  6. Download the entire document

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