5 January, 2017

2017: Our Year of Celebration and Gratitude

Father and son on The Great Trail


2017 will be a special year for all Canadians, as we celebrate 150 years of Confederation. For all who have been involved with Trans Canada Trail, it is also an immensely important year marking the realization of an audacious dream now 25 years in the making: the country-wide connection of The Great Trail.

In 1992, as part of Canada 125 celebrations, two bold visionaries – Bill Pratt from Calgary and Pierre Camu from Montreal – imagined the second largest country in the world united from coast to coast to coast via an interconnected network of trails. It was from that iconic idea that the Trans Canada Trail – The Great Trail – was born.

Since then, TCT has been working with partners, donors, governments, public and private landowners, and volunteers to create a living symbol of national collaboration. We have been privileged to witness our country’s generosity, resourcefulness and ambition in creating a meaningful legacy for future generations. The Great Trail is that legacy. It’s a gift made by Canadians, for Canadians.

Our national Trail gives us much to celebrate, as the year of our country’s 150th birthday unfolds before us. For many who have worked tirelessly on the Trail, we are on the precipice of something truly historic — the culmination of a national effort that will imprint 2017 on our hearts forever. And for all Canadians, what better way to celebrate our country than on The Great Trail? A natural bond that connects us all, no matter our age, our beliefs or our passions, the Trail unites us across this great land.

Congratulations and our thanks to Newfoundland & Labrador, Prince Edward Island, Yukon, Saskatchewan, New Brunswick and Nunavut, for achieving connection of their sections of the Trail. The coming months will be filled with more exciting provincial and territorial community celebrations along the Trail, recognizing the hard work and dedication of thousands of volunteers and Trail builders. From a national perspective, we are very excited about a unique partnership and major event to celebrate Canada’s Trail in late summer. We will be sharing this exciting news in the coming weeks.

In 2017, we celebrate not only the connection of The Great Trail, but also a new beginning. We will be celebrating the amazing accomplishments of the past 25 years, and we will be looking toward the next 25, focusing on the continued growth, enhancement and preservation of this shared national treasure. Our goal is to see Canadians across the country and visitors from around the world, enjoying the Trail for generations to come.

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We have much to rejoice in this year. We hope you join us as we celebrate Canada and Canadians along The Great Trail throughout 2017!