17 September, 2012

2017 Starts Now – at the Trans Canada Trail!

On August 30, CBC/Radio-Canada announced its initiative to spark a national conversation about Canada’s upcoming 150th anniversary in 2017 – and that plan includes the Trans Canada Trail in an important role!

In its media release, the national broadcaster announced that, in partnership with “other leading Canadian organizations” such as the Trans Canada Trail, CBC will debut its initiative in January 2013 in order to “inform, inspire and incubate local, regional and national projects to mark the occasion.”

If we do say so ourselves, the Trans Canada Trail is a natural fit in this endeavour. We’ll be working, of course, with CBC and its other partners who include, among others, YMCA Canada, The Historica-Dominion Institute and the Public Administration of Canada.

We hope you’ll be part of this momentous occasion to celebrate our country and connect our Trail over the course of the next five years.