28 September, 2016

5 Things You May Not Know About New Brunswick

Move over, France. They should call them “New Brunswick Fries”
Most of the world’s french fries come from New Brunswick-based McCain Foods! The company makes one-third of all the frozen french fries produced in the world, in its state-of-the art potato processing plant in Florenceville-Bristol. The small town in western New Brunswick has taken on the moniker ‘The French Fry Capital of the World.’

Where are the highest tides in the world?
The Bay of Fundy, of course! What’s more, the tides come bearing gifts! According to Tourism New Brunswick, the tides yield many edible treasures, among them mineral-rich sea salt and “dulse” – dried seaweed, which can be eaten as a snack or used to flavour soups and stews. Yum!

Moncton, we feel your magnetic pull!
Visit Magnetic Hill, put your car in neutral and watch as it rolls uphill…all on its own! It’s a gravity hill, which is a type of optical illusion created by rising and descending terrain. (So your car isn’t actually being “pulled” by a magnetic force…sorry to disappoint!)

Beautiful bridges
New Brunswick is home to the Bill Thorpe walking bridge, part of The Great Trail network in Fredericton. And, the longest covered bridge in the world, at 1,282 feet, can be found in Hartland.

Higher learning
Established in 1785, the University of New Brunswick was the first English-speaking university in Canada, and the first public university in North America. Nice!