28 September, 2016

A Great Canadian Donor: Susan Amos

Susan Amos has been donating to TCT every month for more than a decade. “When I first heard about the Trail many years ago, I knew immediately that this was an initiative I wanted to support,” she says.

“What an inspiring vision, to build a trail from sea to sea to sea, for all Canadians to use, and what a way to bring Canadians together around a common cause,” Susan says of her reasons for being such a loyal TCT donor.

Susan believes in all that The Great Trail has to offer. “What a marvellous opportunity for Canadians to keep fit, and see and enjoy our beautiful country,” she says. “Now that I am retired, my plan is to hike part of the Trail in each province, and I am really looking forward to this adventure.”

Be like Susan! Support the development of The Great Trail of Canada. With a donation of $1,000 or more, your name will be recognized in our celebratory pavilion in Ottawa. Give today and your gift will be matched by the Government of Canada.