29 June, 2017

CLIF: Look for Them on The Trail

CLIF to be the official energy bar of The Great Trail, pairing optimal nutrition with outdoor adventure.

Trans Canada Trail and Clif Bar & Company are embarking on a two year partnership to sponsor up to 150 kilometers of construction of “greenways” to help complete The Great Trail. As part of the partnership, CLIF will be sampling its all-new CLIF Nut Butter Filled energy bars, launched in Canada this spring, and the classic CLIF Bars and CLIF Kid Zbars to adventurers and families along different sections of the Trail. In addition to supporting the Trail’s goal of full connectivity, CLIF is also sponsoring interprovincial and trailhead signs featuring maps and other useful information for visitors.

“The inspiration for CLIF Bar came to our founder on a 175-mile bike ride. As a company that knows the power of adventure, it’s a special honor to help The Great Trail create spaces for exploration across Canada,” says Kevin Cleary, CEO of Clif Bar & Company. “When completed, 80 percent of Canadians will live just 30 minutes from a trailhead. That’s a powerful opportunity for connection to the outdoors and to each other.”

True to its name, The Great Trail showcases the Canadian spirit of collaboration and diversity: it is owned and operated by local trail groups and municipalities, and spans urban, rural and wilderness landscapes along greenways, waterways and roadways.

With activities across the country planned throughout the year to celebrate the Trail’s 100 percent connection, 2017 is an important milestone for a project that began as a bold dream in 1992 – to connect Canada through one recreational trail spanning more than 22,000 kilometers across 13 provinces and territories.

“Both CLIF and Trans Canada Trail were founded at around the same time in the early 1990s in the pursuit of adventure and a love of the outdoors,” says Deborah Apps, Trans Canada Trail President and CEO. “We at Trans Canada Trail are thrilled that CLIF is joining us on our journey. As a group of active individuals who value proper nutrition and don’t want to trade-off good taste, Trans Canada Trail is also very excited to work with CLIF… and sample their foods!”

Outdoor enthusiasts eager to see the country via The Great Trail this summer can now start to plan their routes with some CLIF nutrition foods on hand to feed their adventure.

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