31 March, 2016

Young Canadians: put down your phones and get on the TCT!

By: Jasmine Brown, TCT Youth Committee Chair

New Year, New Committee

It was the dark of night in Ontario, a cold, unforgiving evening in Alberta, and a damp, cloudy afternoon in British Columbia, when a young group of nature loving trailblazers gathered across Canada to discuss a matter of grave interest to them all – the greater involvement of young Canadians in the development and preservation of one of the world’s longest and greatest networks of trails. The group’s task… To provide guidance to their more seasoned nature loving trailblazers on how to incent younger Canadians to stop with the Candy Crush and Fruit Ninja, put down their phones, and get out onto some of the 18,000 kms of diverse and glorious trail.

The meeting began with a discussion of what members felt the trail meant to them and followed with deliberation on what could be done to better speak to the hearts and interests of their peers. Many great ideas were brought to the table, most of which be brought to action this year. The Youth Committee also committed to assisting in further promoting the trail via social media, and to personally developing and participating in activities of interest to younger Canadians.

Although the meeting proved productive, it did not come without dissension. Was wet-cold was truly “colder” than dry-cold? Which is worse, kissing a cod or finishing a Sourtoe Cocktail? Is it time to let Justin Bieber back in our hearts? Fortuitously, they rose above their geographic differences, united by their passion to better the health and well-being of their peers, and embolden the protection of our natural Canadian heritage, through encouraging the use of a trail that connects each of us, from coast to coast to coast. The level of collaboration within a group as diverse as this only served to reinforce the notion of unity that the Trans Canada Trail embodies.

Every New Year brings with it a guaranteed 365 days of raw, untapped potential. 365 days to dream new dreams, realize new hopes, and achieve new goals. This year is particularly spectacular, as it provides us with the gift of an additional day of indefinite possibility. We, the TCT Youth Committee, will not take this gift lightly.

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