2 October, 2017

Meet Our Board Members

Our dream of a cross-country Trail is now a reality. Our bold goal, nearly 25 years in the making, has been achieved with the help of our partners, donors, all levels of government, and the leadership of our TCT and TCT Foundation Board members. The Great Trail now consists of over 24,000 kilometres of multi-use trails, linking Canada and Canadians.

Moving beyond 2017, Trans Canada Trail’s mission will be to continue to enhance and improve the Trail by garnering support and continuing to nurture valuable relationships with Trail enthusiasts and partners across the country. We are grateful to the Board members listed below, and their guidance and stewardship, as we enter into the next phase of our growth and development.

Trans Canada Trail Board of Directors

Neil Yeates
Hana Abaza
Japman Bajaj
Jim Bishop
Jasmine Brown
Graham Green
Carolyn MacKay
Michele McKenzie
Valerie Pringle
Patrice Ryan
Robyn Seetal
Kim Wynn

Thank you to our retiring Board members

Paul LaBarge
Cameron Clark
Mylène Forget
Eric Gionet
Alan MacDonald
Kenneth Killin

Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board of Directors

Valerie Pringle
Hartley Richardson
David AisenstatDavid Aisenstat
David Cottingham
Kirby Gavelin
Anthony Graham
David Hoffman
Amanda Lang
Pierre LassondePierre Lassonde
Ian Pearce
Aidan Richardson
Bruce Simpson
Wendy Southall
Edward Steeves
Neil Yeates
Thank you