13 March, 2008

An ode to the Trail by Sylvia McTavish

If I were forty, here’s what I’d do:
I’d walk the Trail from west to east,
Exclaiming over each bird and beast,
Flower and tree, mountain, river and stone;
I’d walk the Trail, but not alone.

For each metre that I would walk with pride,
Beside me would walk the friends who’ve died.
Within my head we’d laugh and chat –
Remembering this, remembering that.

You may have stopped and read their names:
Jack, Bill and Mary, Ruby and James
And my brother and sisters, my beloved Ray –
He didn’t have time to grow old and gray.

The Trail goes north and east and west,
And you may walk what suits you best.
If I were forty that’s what I’d do
(I bet you’d like to walk it, too!)

Our thanks to Sylvia for permission to publish her inspiring words of wisdom. The author lives in Kelowna, BC and readily admits to being a few years older than forty.


Thank you