29 March, 2018

The Meaning of The Great Trail

Across the world, great nations have great trails. These trails inspire us to get outdoors, improve our physical and mental health and explore our shared heritage. This is certainly the case in Canada, which is now home to the longest multi-use recreational trail in the world!

The Trail’s connection was celebrated throughout Canada in 2017, which also marked the beginning of a new chapter – one that sees us promoting the Trail to a wide range of Canadian and international audiences. With this in mind, we developed a new identity for the physical trail, one that is aspirational and youthful, one that not only speaks to what the Trail is, but what it could be. This is why the Trail is now known as The Great Trail.

By choosing to refer to the Trail this way, we hope that even more Canadians and visitors will become aware of the Trail, embrace it and use it. We also hope they engage with the Trail by sharing their experiences with us, and supporting it with donations and volunteer efforts.

What’s the difference between Trans Canada Trail and The Great Trail?

Trans Canada Trail (TCT) remains our corporate name as a non-profit organization. Meanwhile, The Great Trail is the physical trail that is used and enjoyed by Canadians and visitors, in every province and territory. TCT continues to support the development of The Great Trail by providing funding to individual Trail partners and groups across Canada.

Why was this change made?

The Great Trail reflects the very best of Canada. It promotes the natural beauty of our landscapes, the expanse of our rich history and the diversity of the many communities that make up this land. The term ‘The Great Trail’ helps TCT to engage Canadians of all ages by referring to the uplifting and inspiring experience of being on the Trail itself.

The name ‘Trans Canada Trail’ still represents the entity that has been creating a national icon with the help of our partners and supporters, in existence since 1992, while The Great Trail is the experience that we all share. The Great Trail will continue to be used in all communications about the Trail, while Trans Canada Trail remains our corporate signature.