1 December, 2023

Trans Canada Trail Thanks the PEI Government for Upholding Motorized Vehicle Ban on the Confederation Trail

Trans Canada Trail extends our thanks to the Government of Prince Edward Island for their decision to preserve the non-motorized status of the Confederation Trail. We appreciate the thoughtful consideration given to the concerns raised during the consultation process, and we believe that maintaining the greenway designation is a crucial step in ensuring the Trail’s continued positive impact on tourism and economy on PEI.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank our trail partners and the trail community on PEI for participating in the consultation process, and embracing the opportunity to have their voices heard about the importance of maintaining the Confederation Trail’s greenway status.

The Confederation Trail holds immense value as a peaceful and pristine environment that contributes significantly to the communities and businesses on the Island. It plays an important role in tourism, economic development, and in the lives of residents who use it daily. We are thrilled that the government recognizes the importance of protecting this asset and understands the potential economic benefits associated with maintaining the Confederation Trail’s unique charm.

Trans Canada Trail looks forward to, with our local trail partners, working with the provincial government to leverage the tourism and economic development assets inherent in the Confederation Trail as part of our national Trails Tourism Strategy and in particular, our Exceptional Trail Experience program.

This decision will ensure that the beautiful Confederation Trail remains a source of pride for Islanders, offering a high-quality experience for non-motorized trail users for generations to come.

Eleanor McMahon
President & CEO of Trans Canada Trail