Sean Languedoc

Director, Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board

Sean Languedoc is a seasoned entrepreneur and outdoor enthusiast with a diverse background in technology, sponsorship, commercial real estate and community development. As the founder and CEO of, Sean has created a platform that facilitates outsourcing technology development by matching companies with the most suitable service providers, from local to offshore.

His dedication to innovation and community is evident through his decade-long involvement with and his role as a board member of A100, where he mentors Canadian tech companies in go-to-market and operations strategies and facilitates their connections in Silicon Valley and beyond.

Sean’s experience in sponsorship fundraising is highlighted by his contributions to the successful bid for Vancouver’s 2010 Olympics and his advisory role with the Canadian Health and Fitness Institute, promoting health and fitness nationwide.

His extensive travels across Canada, including long canoe and kayak trips, cycling, hiking, skiing and swimming, demonstrate his deep connection to the country’s natural beauty and his hands-on involvement in building parts of the Trans Canada Trail as a volunteer in Squamish, BC.

Raised in a family that includes two First Nation brothers adopted before his birth, Sean has a profound respect for nature, national unity and First Nations culture. This background fuels his passion for the Trail and its role in fostering connections between communities, people, nature and health.

Sean is thrilled to be joining the Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board of Directors, viewing this as an opportunity to meld his professional expertise and outdoor passions to contribute to the development of Canada’s national trail.

Sean joined the Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board in 2024.

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