Jim Prentice Memorial Fund

Banff Legacy Trail, part of The Great Trail, opening July 2010, with then Minister of Environment Jim Prentice and His Royal Highness, Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. Photo courtesy of Corrie DiManno.

Jim Prentice was a truly passionate Canadian.

He firmly believed in our dream of connecting Canada and Canadians, through an unparalleled network of trails – The Great Trail of Canada.

Jim believed that the natural world was a fundamental part of what defined the Canadian character and as the Minister of Environment, he worked tirelessly to implement a series of initiatives that would secure these precious, communal spaces for generations to come. He brought environmental protection and conservation to the forefront of Canadian politics, sought reconciliation with Indigenous communities and led the biggest expansion of Parks Canada since its creation. His deep appreciation for wilderness areas led him to take a leadership role in countless projects, including the inauguration of Glenbow Ranch as a provincial park.

We can say unequivocally that The Great Trail would not have become the inspirational project it is today, without Jim’s dedication and belief in our audacious dream of uniting people across the country through a national trail. In his honour, we’ve established the Jim Prentice Memorial Fund.

Donations to this fund will ensure the creation of a commemorative and much needed Sun and Shade Shelter within Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park along a popular section of The Great Trail, and will support the ongoing efforts of Trans Canada Trail to protect, develop and enhance Canada’s national Trail. With sweeping views of Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park, the Rocky Mountains and his home city of Calgary, there is no better place to celebrate this great Canadian.

We need your generous support and that of people from coast to coast to coast to establish and grow this important fund.

Thanks to the tireless efforts of Jim Prentice and our Trail partners, and your support, we have an opportunity to make this landmark park even greater.

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Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park

Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park opened its gates to the work in 2011 with more than 3,000 acres of grasslands, rolling hills and ravines along the Bow River.  A cherished place for many, the park offers visitors the opportunity to explore a diversity of natural and culturally significant sites.  An oasis of calm between Calgary and Cochrane, Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park is home to a stunning section of The Great Trail of Canada that leads to spectacular views of the surrounding landscape, and is an important connection in our 27,000–km network. The Great Trail would not have become the inspirational project it is today, without Jim’s dedication and belief in our bold plan.

With your help, the Jim Prentice Memorial Fund will support the construction of a commemorative Sun and Shade Shelter within Glenbow Ranch Provincial Park and will support the ongoing efforts to protect and enhance The Great Trail of Canada.

The Great Trail – the national legacy and incredible network that fosters unity and collaboration – on land and on water, links millions of Canadians in every province and territory. Together, we need to ensure that the Trail will thrive today, tomorrow and for generations to come.

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