Spring Trail Care Event: Village of Haines Junction, Yukon Territory

June 4, 2022

In conjunction with International Trails Day on June 4, 2022, the Village of Haines Junction in the Yukon held a Trail Care event to clean up debris, move large rocks, stain posts and pack the trail. 

Trail Care Equals Community Care 

The Trail Care Grant Program allowed community organizations and members to get involved and work towards creating a welcome trail for families and a variety of recreational activities, including being wheelchair accessible. The trail will soon be fully paved, and it will play a role in transportation and outdoor recreation in the community. 

Throughout the activities planned with the Trail Care Grant Program, the community came together. Fifteen volunteers were involved, and sponsor Columbia Sportswear provided T-shirts and personal gear to attendees and project leads. New friendships were made, and lasting memories created. 

Connecting the Community

The Trans Canada Trail in Haines Junction unites the town—literally! It allows people to travel from one side of town to the otheryou can go to the Pine Lake Campground, Da Ku Cultural Centre, the convenience store and restaurants. 


Yari Izigzon is the Corporate Administrator for the Village of Haines Junction. Yari says, “We truly appreciate the support and efforts of Trans Canada Trail towards maintaining trails around the country. 

Thank you