6 June, 2024

10 Wonderful Wildflowers Along the Trans Canada Trail

Colorful wildflowers bloom in the sagebrush meadow. | Des fleurs sauvages colorées fleurissent dans la prairie d’armoises.

Spring flowers are in full swing, and it’s a wonderful time to get outside on the Trans Canada Trail and take in the season’s colours. Here’s a look at some beautiful blooms. This is a non-exhaustive list; wildflowers can be found from coast to coast to coast, and guidebooks aplenty have been written about them!


A common wildflower in Western Canada, Balsamroot adds a pop of yellow to grasslands and forests. Fun fact: the entire plant is edible and is a popular food for wildlife. It can grow up to 30 centimetres tall.

Hairy beardtongue

hairy beardtongue wildflowers | La fleur sauvage penstemon hirsute

We couldn’t include a wildflower roundup without the hairy beardtongue – what a name! This purple flower can be found in Central and Eastern Canada, especially in Ontario and Quebec, and attracts butterflies, pollinators and hummingbirds.

Hoary puccoon

Hoary puccoon wildflowers | Fleurs sauvages de puccoon cendré

The delightfully named hoary puccoon is an essential source of nectar for moths, queen bees and long-tongued butterflies. It blooms from early spring through August across the Prairies. Keep an eye out for its bright-yellow flowers.

Pink lady’s-slipper

This perennial orchid is the official flower of Prince Edward Island. It can be found from Newfoundland and Labrador all the way to the Prairie provinces, and as far north as the Northwest Territories. Its delicate pouch shape and beautiful colour is a sight to behold.

Pink mountain-heather

Found in alpine and subalpine environments, this beautiful flower can be spotted in B.C., parts of Alberta and as far north as the Yukon and Northwest Territories. Their delicate bell-shaped pink flowers range in colour from pink to lavender.

Prairie crocus

Spring flowers, Prairie crocus | fleurs du printemps, Le penstemon hirsute

This early blooming flower can be found in warmer parts of the Prairies as early as March, adding a lovely purple hue to your outdoor adventures. It’s the provincial flower of Manitoba! Note: avoid touching Prairie crocuses – they can cause blisters and inflammation.

Purple saxifrage

This Arctic beauty is Nunavut’s official flower. It can be found close to the ground, with short stems and bright purple blooms as of late June.


Salal flowers are pinkish or white and can be found from May to July in coastal areas and are native to B.C. They bloom on a common shrub in coastal forests on Vancouver Island and the South Coast regions of the province.

Western red lily

This red-orange beauty is Saskatchewan’s provincial flower and adds a gorgeous pop of colour on and off the Trans Canada Trail! It blooms in the spring and summer months. Its bulbs are edible and it’s known to have medicinal uses.

Yellow trout lily

These beautiful flowers make for exceptional spring photos, adding a bright pop of yellow wherever they’re found. They grow up to 20 centimetres and feature curly petals with a quintessential flower shape. You can spot them in Central and Eastern Canada in the spring.