11 April, 2024

12 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month on and off the Trans Canada Trail

An Earth Month graphic of clouds over green grass and trees forming the shape of earth

April is Earth Month, and it’s a great time to think about sustainability, conservation and protecting the planet. Check out our suggestions for ways to celebrate Earth Month, both on and off the Trans Canada Trail!

Plant something

An adult and child planting a tree

From a tree to a pot of basil plants on your balcony, there’s no better way to celebrate the planet than by helping things grow.

Join a citizen science project with Parks Canada

Did you know that our friends at Parks Canada have several citizen science projects, where you can contribute to conservation efforts and connect with nature and other people? Find a project near you, on or off the Trans Canada Trail!

Head out on a nature walk

Close up of a family walking their dog

Take some time for yourself in nature, along the Trans Canada Trail. Love birding? Go for it! Up for a hike or walk in the forest? Now’s the time! Enjoy it solo or bring your family, loved ones or furry BFFs along! Explore our map and find a Trail section near you, then head outside.

Eat your leftovers

An adult facing the trail holding a bag of apples

Did you know that people across Canada throw out over two tonnes of food annually? Not only is that hard on the wallet, it’s hard on the planet. So, make an effort to finish those leftovers!

Enjoy an outdoor scavenger hunt

Bring the kiddos outside for a scavenger hunt along the Trail! You’ll keep them busy and have fun, plus you get all the benefits of being outside and active.

Volunteer on the Trail

A group of Trans Canada Trail volunteers holding trash bags and cleaning up the trail

The Trans Canada Trail would not be what it is without the contributions of a truly inspiring volunteer base! Volunteering for your local Trail organization is a win-win: you help to maintain and enhance the Trail, and you spend time outside in nature!

Commute via an active transportation corridor

two adults riding their bikes on a bridge

Opt for active transportation as your commuting method of choice: walk, bike or roll along the Trans Canada Trail. Your mind and body – and your planet – will thank you.

Watch a nature film

Looking for Earth-friendly evening entertainment? Check out Dianne Whelan’s documentary 500 Days in the Wild to get inspired to get outside and get adventuring. See if you can spot a section of the Trans Canada Trail that’s near you!

Help improve access to nature for all

Did you know that we map Trail sections for accessibility, so that more people can get outside and onto the Trail? Learn more about the process and sign up to help out in your area.

Avoid single-use plastics

Single-use plastics – straws, cups, grocery bags, and so on – are a major source of pollution of the Earth, on both land and water. Opt for reusable options when heading out on Trail excursions.

Participate in an Earth Day event near you

Show your love for the planet by showing up – literally – in your community. Find an Earth Day event on April 22 in your area and get involved!

Donate to Trans Canada Trail or your local trail organization

A donation of any amount is greatly appreciated and helps us continue our important work enhancing the one and only Trans Canada Trail.