10 May, 2024

Junior Reporters on the Trans Canada Trail: Ville de Longueuil

Three kids, Junior Reporters, on the Ville de Longueuil Trail

Experience the Trans Canada Trail through the eyes of our Junior Reporters! Our cohort of kids ranging in age from four to eight years old recently headed out to Parc Michel-Chartrand along the the Ville de Longueuil Trail for some outdoor exploration.

Fun was had! Animals were spotted! Here’s what the Junior Reporters had to say.

“Trees are good for the planet. And trees and baby trees are pretty.” – Ellie, age 5

Outdoor drawing by Ellie

Ellie riding her scooter on the Ville de Longueuil Trail

“We saw a cute groundhog. It was brown. It went in its hole.” – Selena, age 5 ½

Selena at Parc Michel Chartand Selena sitting on a park bench holding up her drawing

“The Trail is very nice. I loved the park. If you have kid(s), you should bring a scooter(s) or bike(s). I recommend that you go, and I wish you a great experience!” – Marion, age 8

Marion walking along the Ville de Longueuil Trail

“I love snacks!” – Thomas, age 4

Thomas leaning on a park bench