10 January, 2018

Just Not Lonely

By Mel Vogel

Just because you see me walking alone doesn’t imply that I am lonely.
What you don’t see is a home I just left.
You don’t see laughter and long conversations in good company of the last evening.
You don’t see the arms wrapped around me to wish me farewell.
You don’t see the smiles when a new door opens.
You don’t see the music in my head inspired by the difference of each day.
And you may not see that tiny little dance move in my step.
Seeing me standing silently for a moment or more, you may not know how mesmerized I just am by the beauty of Mother Nature.
And you may not hear me whisper: “This is the life”.
Maybe you can see the sun’s light shimmer in my teary eyes.
You may see me singled out, exposed with less protection like a lone tree.
But don’t be fooled as this tree is silently growing a strong core, adapting continuously to the forces of the elements and the needs of the ever-changing self.
Like this tree, I am stretching my branches in all directions, reaching to be reached.
And while I walk, all energy within and around me is flowing and buzzing and touching me in one way or another.
I am building connection.
Subtle but strong.
All is present.
My mind. My body. The spirits of the outer world.
The elements.
And I take it all in. And I breathe it all out.
And in this, I am everything, just not lonely.

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