9 June, 2020

National Guidelines

Responsible Trail Operations and Visitation during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve rapidly as do the orders, directives, and guidelines of Canada’s federal and provincial or territorial governments. These guidelines reflect the currently available scientific evidence and expert opinion as provided by public health officials in Canada and is subject to change as new information on transmissibility, epidemiology, and effectiveness of public health and risk mitigation measures becomes available. It is the responsibility of all trail operators to ensure they are in alignment and compliant with the most recent public health and local direction in their respective jurisdictions. The intent of Trans Canada Trail is to continue to update and revise these guidelines as new direction and information from public health officials becomes available.

Trans Canada Trail is here to support Canada’s trail operators. For additional support and resources, please contact Trans Canada Trail at project@tctrail.ca. This document will evolve in time.

Download the full guide here, or scroll down and click on the links to bring you directly to that topic.

Tool kit: Key messages, letters, posters, signage and social media cards available


What is the purpose of these guidelines?

How were the guidelines developed?

Transmission of COVID-19 in the trail environment

Focus and considerations for trail operators

Risk management, liability and COVID-19

Visitor management guidelines

Determining factors for the spread of COVID-19 in the trail environment

Visitor management plans and the visitor management toolbox

Emergency response planning

Land manager or land owner communications

Process for opening closed Trails

Trail amenity and infrastructure maintenance guidelines

To close or keep amenities open?

Closing amenities and infrastructure

General cleaning and disinfecting guidelines

High-touch amenities and infrastructure that cannot be cleaned and disinfected frequently

Cleaning and disinfecting considerations for specific amenities and infrastructure

Trail crew guidelines

Risk assessment, safe work practices and volunteer agreements

Prioritize trail operations and maintenance

Communicate and train staff and volunteers

Implement prevention measures

Tool kit for trail operators

COVID-19 essentials for trail operators

Key messages to users about how to stay safe on the Trail

Messages to visitors about what the trail operator is doing to keep visitors safe

Example COVID-19 recommendations for trail work poster

COVID-19 trail volunteer information letter

The Great Trail COVID-19 signage

Guidelines for cleaning, disinfecting and fueling crew vehicles


Tool kit: Key messages, letters, posters, signage and social media cards available

Letters and posters

Images are for reference only.  The following is provided as a sample communication for you to tailor to your trail and the steps you are taking to manage COVID-19. You can post this on your website, social media channels and/or directly email to your contacts. Please contact project@tctrail.ca to obtain editable versions.



Images are for reference only. Please contact project@tctrail.ca to obtain print ready artwork for the signs below or for additional support with signage development.

Social media cards

The following infographics can be distributed through the social media channels, websites and installed at trail heads. (click on image to open; right click on image; select “save image as”)