20 April, 2023

Our Top Spots on the Trans Canada Trail to Make You Love the Planet Even More for Earth Day

Top spots on the Trans Canada Trail for Earth Day

Earth Day is April 22, and we’re reminded of all the times the Trans Canada Trail has helped us to fall in love with the planet again and again and again. From the lush West Coast rainforest to the shores of the Atlantic, we’ve got the goods.

Cowichan Valley Trail, British Columbia

Cowichan Valley Trail in British Columbia

On the Cowichan Valley Trail, waterfalls, moss, ferns and towering evergreens make for an exceptional West Coast experience on Vancouver Island.

East Coast Trail, Newfoundland and Labrador

East Coast Trail in Newfoundland and Labrador

Check out the views at Cape Spear, glaciers and all, and enjoy the endless Atlantic vistas on the East Coast Trail.

Itijjagiaq Trail, Nunavut

Itijjagiaq Trail in Nunavut

The beauty of the North is truly a sight to behold. The Soper River along Itijjagiaq Trail in Nunavut is surrounded by the sloping hills of the tundra.

Lake Superior Provincial Park, Ontario

Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario

The largest of the Great Lakes sits at the edge of boreal forests, rugged landscapes and everything that makes for a quintessential central Canadian view. Lake Superior Provincial Park is so striking that it inspired painters from the Group of Seven.

Town of Outlook Trail, Saskatchewan

Outlook Trail in Saskatchewan for Earth Day

On the Town of Outlook Trail, prairie landscapes just south of Saskatoon promise endless skies, greens, yellows and blues, and extraordinary views of the horizon.

Explore your local Trail sections with the help of the Trans Canada Trail map and head outside to celebrate Earth Day!

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