Spring 2024 Guidelines

The Trail Care Grant (TCG) provides funding to build volunteerism, improve Trail sections, support the transition from one season to another and ensure that all users can safely access the benefits of outdoor recreation on the Trans Canada Trail. We encourage all trail operators or trail groups of a registered Trans Canada Trail section to apply for the grant, provided they have the proper permissions in place to complete the work. The goal for these projects should be to maintain recreational trails and build volunteerism in the trail sector. This is critical for enjoyment year-round, as well as for the engagement of trail volunteers across the country. Grants up to $1,500 will be awarded and can be used for a wide range of activities. The support that groups receive will be determined by Trans Canada Trail, based on the program guidelines and on the number of applications received.


These guidelines will assist trail operators in the process of applying for the TCG and in joining Trans Canada Trail in helping to maintain the Trail from coast to coast to coast. 


Applicants are encouraged to submit their proposals as early as possible. The deadline to submit an application is March 7, 2024, at 5:00 P.M. (Pacific Time). All applications must be submitted using our online form.

Eligibility Criteria 

Any local trail operator or trail user group of a section of the Trans Canada Trail are eligible for funding under the TCG, provided they have the appropriate permissions and proof of insurance in place from the trail operator/owner.

The eligibility of a TCG application will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • The proposed activity is located on an existing section of the Trans Canada Trail network.
  • The application focuses on engaging volunteers in the proposed activity, where safe and
  • The project aligns with trail activities presented in Section 3 below.
  • A detailed description of how the funds will be used is provided.
  • Only one group per local Trail section may apply. If the trail operator is not the owner (this includes groups that lease the section seasonally or actively use the section for their activities), permission from the owner must be obtained and provided, along with proof of insurance.
  • Applicants must be in good standing with Trans Canada Trail.
  • The group applying for the grant should have valid liability coverage for the desired activity on the Trail.

Project Timing 

Trans Canada Trail strives to have activities completed at the beginning of the visitor season, allowing for a safe opening for users. This grant is intended to help transition during the shoulder seasons to ensure a seamless trail experience. The final deadline for project activities will be July 15, 2024.

Available Funding 

Eligible applicants can receive up to $1,500. No matching funds are required. The size of the grant will depend on the total number of applications received by Trans Canada Trail.

Trans Canada Trail reserves the right to make all final decisions.   


Activities that will require a contractor to complete should be applied for under the Trail Maintenance stream.

Maintenance activities involving volunteers: 

  • Preparing for a trail opening
  • Structural repairs – replacing boards, repairing holes and cracks, etc.
  • Erosion and drainage repairs – grading and/or levelling gravel
  • General repairs – signage, barriers, fencing, surface, etc.
  • General cleanup – brush cutting, clearing, etc.
  • Tools required to undertake a volunteer activity – PPE, etc.
  • Maintenance materials required to undertake a volunteer activity – gravel, fence posts, etc

Minor trail upgrade activities involving volunteers: 

  • Infrastructure upgrades – barriers, surface, etc.  
  • Mitigation measures to control access – boulders, maze gates, squeeze gates, etc.  

 Other trail activities involving volunteers: 

  • Volunteer training  
  • Volunteer appreciation activities 
  • Trail cleanup days  
  • Invasive species management  
  • Tree-planting events  
  • Installation of habitat features (bird houses, bat boxes, etc.)


During the evaluation of applications, Trans Canada Trail may contact groups for additional or missing information.  Notification of funding decisions will be provided before March 14, 2024, at which time all eligible groups will be informed of the funding amount they will receive.

If approved, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by an electronic funds transfer (EFT) payment.  To receive a Trail Care Grant from Trans Canada Trail, all applicants must fill out and submit the Electronic Funds Transfer Authorization form with their application. Acceptance of these funds engages groups in an agreement with Trans Canada Trail to complete the activity, submit a final report, and adhere to program and acknowledgement guidelines.


A final report detailing the Trail Care Grant activities must be submitted to Trans Canada Trail no later than one week (7 calendar days) following your Trail Care activity or event. Failure to submit the report on time without prior notification, may affect your eligibility for future Trans Canada Trail funding from any stream that we offer.  The report must be submitted using our online template and include the following information:

  • A description of how the TCG funds were used for the upkeep of the Trail.
  • Total number of volunteers and total number of volunteer hours – please make sure to account for these hours accurately.
  • Estimated value of the activity
  • A minimum of three (4) photographs of the activity, including:
    • The person(s) taking part in the activity while it is happening
    • The Trail section before the maintenance activity has taken place
    • The final result(s) of your activity

N.B. Any and all content submitted, including from any authorized third parties, (stories, photos, videos, reports, etc.) may be used in and/or for promotional Trans Canada Trail materials, without payment or any other consideration.   

  • The number of kilometres of trail maintained 
  • Proof of grant acknowledgment (e.g., social media posts, posters, etc.)  
  • Any other documents, as may be requested by Trans Canada Trail (e.g., proof of insurance)


We ask that all recipients who are funded for activities through this program reach out to local community members to engage them as volunteers in your Trail cleanup efforts. As funding recipients, all groups are required to publicly acknowledge Trans Canada Trail’s contributions and how they contribute to efforts to enhance the Trans Canada Trail. To support this, Trans Canada Trail will provide a promotional toolkit to all grant recipients. The toolkit will guide trail operators in how to acknowledge Trans Canada Trail’s funding and Trail Care-related community activities across various channels and platforms.


Whether you are choosing to use your Trail Care funds to organize a trail cleanup, complete a small maintenance project or run a community or volunteer driven event, Trans Canada Trail will be providing resources that you can use to help you achieve these goals. Groups who are successful in receiving a Trail Care Grant will receive information and resource toolkits at a later date. These will provide information on how to promote your group/organization along with your planned initiative, how to reach out to local media to advertise, how to generate  community support, and how to run a trail event.


If you have any questions about the Trans Canada Trail or these guidelines, please send an email to