Trail Sector Careers

Charting your Path in the Trail Sector

Whether it’s trail building, interpretive education, mapping, or public engagement, Trail professionals find themselves in a sector that not only connects people with nature but also shapes the future of sustainable recreation.  

Popular Careers in the Trail Sector 

Explore the thriving career landscape of the trail sector. From trail building to community outreach, discover the popular roles blending adventure, stewardship, and engagement.  

Field Roles

  • Trail Designer/Planner: Play a crucial role in planning, designing and implementing trails. 
  • Trail Builder: Physical construction and maintenance of trails. 
  • Trail Maintenance Crew/Leader: Be responsible for the ongoing stewardship and enhancement of trail systems to ensure they remain safe, functional and enjoyable for users.  
  • Trail Ambassador: Play a key role in promoting positive trail experiences, speaking with trail users, ensuring user safety and fostering responsible use of outdoor spaces.  
  • Park Attendant/Park Ranger: Help to manage and maintain public parks and recreation areas.  
  • Forestry Field Staff: Provide management and conservation of forested areas.  
  • Accessibility Mapping: Review and documentation of the accessibility of trails.  

Program Roles

  • Trail Manager: Play a critical role in overseeing the planning, development, maintenance and management of trail systems. 
  • Conservation Officer: Get involved in the enforcement of wildlife and conservation laws, protection of natural resources, and ensuring public safety in outdoor environments.  
  • GIS (Geographic Information System) Analyst: Play a critical role in analyzing, interpreting and visualizing trails and their surrounding areas. The role involves working with maps, satellite imagery and other geographic data to support decision-making in trails and to share current information with trail users.  
  • Signage Specialist: Get involved in designing, planning and implementing effective signage to provide clear communication and wayfinding for trail users.  

Communications and Education

  • Communications: Manage communication strategies and activities to effectively promote, inform and engage trail users, project partners and other stakeholders.  
  • Tourism: Manage and coordinate tourism-related activities, events and services associated with trails and outdoor recreational areas. 
  • Recreation Coordinator: Plan, organize and oversee recreation programs and activities within a community or organization.  
  • Trail/Trip Guide: Lead individuals or groups through outdoor areas, such as hiking trails, nature reserves or wilderness areas, providing information, ensuring safety and enhancing the overall outdoor experience.  
  • Education Interpreter: Facilitate meaningful interactions and learning experiences for diverse audiences.  

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