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Trans Canada Trail has partnered with Propulso

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We are making customized trail reports – built from the ground up in partnership with Propulso – available to you. Propulso is an ethical data intelligence platform. This Canadian company, based in Quebec, was founded in 2018. Their mission and values are centred on using the endless amounts of data generated in our everyday lives for innovative technological solutions without compromising privacy and data ownership. Trans Canada Trail and Propulso have worked together to develop and evolve technology to generate reports specific to the trail sector.

About Trail Visitation Reports

Trail visitation reports were designed exclusively to provide the most accurate data on visitors to your trail. These reports provide information on visitor counts, visitors’ trail use characteristics, frequent entry and exit points, tourism information and demographics – all in one interactive dashboard. Reports are available, through Trans Canada Trail, for trails within our network as well as those external to it.

Watch a webinar on Propulso here:


  • Trans Canada Trail partners receive one free report*, covering one calendar year, by request only.
  • Additional reports are available and can be customized to your needs.
  • Trail visitation reports are available to groups that are not part of the Trans Canada Trail network for a fee.
  • Please use the contact form below to request further details.

*Reports are subject to data availability.

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