The Valerie Pringle Trail Builders of Tomorrow Fund

A Legacy Fund to Ensure the Brightest Future for Canada’s National Trail

Celebrating Valerie Pringle: Her Achievements & Legacy

Valerie Pringle is Trans Canada Trail’s greatest champion. For twenty years, she has inspired countless people to embrace the vision of a connected and vibrant trail network, igniting widespread enthusiasm and support for the Trail as a gift to future generations. A passionate board member and ambassador, Valerie was instrumental in connecting the Trail in 2017, creating the world’s longest network of recreational, multi-use trails, or in her words, “the greatest project in the history of the world.” 

Now, Trans Canada Trail and our community of supporters are honoured to express our profound gratitude for Valerie: one of our nation’s finest and most inspiring trailblazers.

The Valerie Pringle Trail Builders of Tomorrow Fund

In celebration of Valerie’s significant contributions, Trans Canada Trail is creating the Valerie Pringle Trail Builders of Tomorrow Fund, with the goal of raising $1 million from generous supporters and investors to sustain and enhance the Trail for years to come. 

The Valerie Pringle Trail Builders of Tomorrow Fund will support initiatives that contribute to the long-term guardianship and conservancy of the Trail over many generations. Once the fund is established, Trans Canada Trail will invest, over the next decade, in Trail Builders of Tomorrow, a program designed to grow the volunteer base and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for the needs and challenges facing the Trail. 

With your generous support and involvement, we will ensure the sustainability of the Trail, and Valerie’s legacy, long into the future.


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