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Trans Canada Trail

Moose © Trevor Haldane

Fundraiser in support of Trans Canada Trail

Thank you for choosing to participate in Wild Places, Wild Faces: The Elements by making a donation to Trans Canada Trail. This fundraiser provides vital funds that will help keep the Trans Canada Trail open and accessible for all.

Wild Places, Wild Faces: The Elements is being presented by Scott and Trevor Haldane, a father and son duo of amateur nature photographers who created an even stronger bond through their shared experiences in nature and on the Trans Canada Trail. Their inspiring journey is sparking a vibrant movement of photography along the Trail, and we’re thrilled to have you join them to see the awe-inspiring images they’ve captured.

The Trans Canada Trail offers space to engage in a wide variety of activities, benefiting your creativity and well-being, such as staying active and soaking up the beauty of the natural environment and through hobbies such as nature photography, birding and sketching.

THANK YOU for donating to make sure the Trans Canada Trail is accessible to all, year-round, from coast to coast to coast.

Trans Canada Trail is a registered charitable organization. You will receive a tax receipt for your donation.