Connecting People with Parks and Nature: Yellowstone Bourbon and Trans Canada Trail

A partnership built on a shared appreciation for time spent in nature

Building on its 150-year-old roots of supporting Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Bourbon has teamed up with Trans Canada Trail, partnering to connect even more people with parks and nature. 

 Yellowstone Bourbon’s donation to Trans Canada Trail will support our mission of building, maintaining and stewarding the vast urban and rural trail network – measuring over 28,000 km – encouraging everyone to embrace nature through accessible and inclusive outdoor activities. 

Inspired by nature

Created in 1872 by JB Dant, Yellowstone Select Bourbon was named in tribute to the first National Park established in the USA in recognition of the sprawling historic wonder and the pioneering spirit that created it.   

 Yellowstone Bourbon has long been a steadfast supporter of conservation efforts worldwide. Preserving nature is central to the brand’s core values, and they have become one of the largest sponsors of the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) in the USA. 

It’s this longstanding connection to the great outdoors that motivated Yellowstone Bourbon to become a partner of Trans Canada Trail, in appreciation of the vast trail network that stretches from coast to coast to coast and welcomes all nature lovers. 

Coming soon – Yellowstone Bourbon will feature Trans Canada Trail-focused bottle tags!  The tags will include information about our partnership as well as a recipe for a cocktail to try. 

They will be available soon at retailers across Canada so keep your eyes open! 

About Yellowstone Bourbon

Yellowstone Bourbon has a long history of environmental protection and conservation with its 150-year-old ties to Yellowstone National Park, and they’re proud to make the same commitment on a national scale in Canada with their partner, Trans Canada Trail. Together, we want to connect people with parks and nature across Canada and inspire them to enjoy the vast trail system by doing the activities they love.  

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About Trans Canada Trail

Trans Canada Trail is a registered charity and stewards the 28,000 km long Trans Canada Trail in collaboration with local Trail partners. With funding from the Government of Canada through Parks Canada, and investments from all levels of government and generous donors, Trans Canada Trail is the largest investor in trail infrastructure projects in Canada, supporting improvements, growth and enhancements for generations to come.