Trans Canada Trail Leadership and Supporters standing in a line for a photo.

Trans Canada Trail Board

The Trans Canada Trail Board provides the essential support and guidance needed to continue to develop this national legacy.

Michael Lindsay, Chair Margaux McDonald
Ian Cullwick Michele McKenzie
Kirby Gavelin Emma Mohns
Frédéric Gonzalo Edmond Nankam
James Goulden Jane Pearse
Judith Kasiama Jane Pepino
Cheryl Kim Tony Pringle
Robert Kuling Patrice Ryan
George Lafond Sarah Young

Our sincere thanks go out to Board members who completed their terms this year. Thank you to Japman Bajaj and Eric Gionet, for your exemplary service in support of the Trans Canada Trail.

Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board

Jane Pepino, Chair

Jane Pepino, Chair

The Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board is responsible for fundraising to support the advancement of the Trans Canada Trail.

Jane Pepino, Chair Ian Pearce
Kirby Gavelin Aidan Richardson
Nicole German Bob Richardson
Michael Lindsay


We extend our warm appreciation to Lori Gove and Laureen Harper, who completed their terms on the Foundation Board this year. Thank you for your dedicated service.

Indigenous Advisory Committee

Emma Mohns, Committee Chair

The Indigenous Advisory Committee, comprised of individuals from Indigenous communities and organizations, provides guidance and advice to Trans Canada Trail staff as it relates to Trans Canada Trail’s Indigenous programs and initiatives.

Emma Mohns, Committee Chair Candace Leffler
Kevin Eshkawkogan Richard Peter
Donald Hanson Lois Phillips
Andrea Lafond Rob Thomas
George Lafond Ramzey Zallum


Trans Canada Trail Senior Management Team

Our dedicated senior management team is instrumental in driving the organization’s vision and mission forward.

Eleanor McMahon
President & CEO
Lori Spence
Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer
Cheryl Hanson
Vice-President, Chief Development Officer
Mathieu Roy
Vice-President, Chief Trail Experience Officer
Jason McLinton
Vice-President, Chief Government Relations Officer
Meghan Reddick
Vice-President, Chief Communications & Marketing Officer


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