Our Commitment to

Trans Canada Trail acknowledges that:

The Trans Canada Trail is situated on the traditional territory of First Nation, Inuit and Métis peoples from coast to coast to coast. Trans Canada Trail also acknowledges that the Trail includes land and water routes that were created and used, both historically and presently, by Indigenous peoples as seasonal travel and trade routes. We support community efforts to sustain a relationship with Indigenous peoples based on respect, dignity, trust and cooperation, in the process of advancing truth and reconciliation.


About Trans Canada Trail

The Trans Canada Trail (the Trail) is the longest recreational trail in the world, spanning over 28,000 kilometres on land and water. Linking three oceans – the Atlantic, Pacific and Arctic – the Trail connects 15,000 rural, urban and Indigenous communities across every province and territory. It is a ribbon that connects Canada’s diverse landscapes, seasons, people and experiences, and fosters unity, collaboration and connectedness. Trans Canada Trail is a registered charity and stewards this national trail in collaboration with local Trail partners. With funding from the Government of Canada through Parks Canada, and investments from all levels of government and generous donors, Trans Canada Trail is the largest investor in trail infrastructure projects in Canada, supporting improvements, growth and enhancements for generations to come.

Our Mission

As the longest trail network in the world, the Trans Canada Trail connects Canadians and visitors to nature and to one another, from coast to coast to coast, through accessible and inclusive outdoor activities. Through collaboration and partnerships, we build, maintain and steward Canada’s national trail, a unique system of connected urban and rural trails.

Our Vision

Building on the achievement of connection, the Trans Canada Trail will continue to inspire everyone to embrace the outdoors, to discover the diversity of our land and people, to enhance their health and well-being, and to share their stories along this globally significant and iconic trail network.



Together with our partners, donors and volunteers we have created an epic trail of trails – the Trans Canada Trail – that connects Canadians to nature and to one another. The Trans Canada Trail is a national legacy, a Canadian asset, and a sustainable gift that fosters unity, collaboration and connectedness.


Committed to Quality Trail Experiences

As a national trail sector leader, our goal is to provide access to our expertise and knowledge in the many aspects of trail development and management.

Our Trail Experience team is a group of passionate professionals that continue to enhance and improve the trail experience, engaging with communities and partners from coast to coast to coast, not only through funding programs, but also by implementing and leading projects with a focus on infrastructure and signage, tourism, inclusivity, safety and active transportation.


Partnerships are at the heart of Trans Canada Trail. From coast to coast to coast, countless users and communities benefit from the investments made by our generous partners. They play a vital role in supporting the world’s longest network of recreational trails. From sponsored programs to co-branded marketing campaigns with retailers and in-kind support, we are truly grateful. Thank you for your essential support!


Our achievements this year wouldn’t be possible without our many supporters. Trans Canada Trail is grateful for their contributions.


Meet the dedicated team behind Trans Canada Trail:

The Trans Canada Trail Board  provides the essential support and guidance needed to continue to develop this national legacy.

The Trans Canada Trail Foundation Board is responsible for fundraising to support the advancement of the Trans Canada Trail.

The Indigenous Advisory Committee, comprised of individuals from Indigenous communities and organizations, provides guidance and advice to Trans Canada Trail staff as it relates to Trans Canada Trail’s Indigenous programs and initiatives.

Our dedicated senior management team is instrumental in driving the organization’s vision and mission forward.

Financial Highlights

The following information has been extracted and summarized from the Trans Canada Trail Consolidated Financial Statements audited by Ernst and Young LLP. The complete set of statements may be requested from Trans Canada Trail.

2022 - 2023 Annual Report Trans Canada Trail

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