Signage Projects


Leduc – Telford Lake Signage

The City of Leduc restored two wetlands adjacent to the Telford Trail, and two interpretive signs were installed at the site to describe the flora and fauna and to educate residents on the importance and benefits of wetlands. The signs also contain recreational trail safety information and are part of the wayfinding system on the Telford Trail.


St. George – Coastal Link Signage

The St. George section of the Coastal Link Trail had new signage installed in 2022, including co-branded wayfinding signage, as well as cautionary signage, where necessary, to ensure safety.


Gaetz Brook Greenway – Mi’kmaw Wayfinders

Greenway Mikmaw Wayfinder and Trans Canada Trail sign

Wayfinding signs located along the Gaetz Brook Greenway have been updated to include the Mi’kmaw translation. These signs are posted every kilometre in both directions along this 7-km section of the Trail.


Prince Township – Bobbi Bennett Memorial Park Signage

Bobbi Bennett Memorial Park Signage. Prince Township, ON

Once known as the Gros Cap Marina Park, this location has been renamed the Bobbi Bennett Memorial Park. Working with the Lake Superior Conservancy and the Township of Prince, Trans Canada Trail supported the updating of signage at this site to recognize this renaming.

Thunder Bay – Path of the Paddle – Wayfinding

Text BoxTCT signage was updated along the entire 1,062 km of the Path of the Paddle. New signage was installed by Path of the Paddle staff during a summer paddling trip, and media resources (photos and videos) were developed.


Confederation Trail
PEI Confederation Trail

Following two years of effort, the entire Confederation Trail was re-signed with updated TCT wayfinding and directional signage. This involved the installation of hundreds of new signs across the 460-km trail, which spans the province.