Trail Builders of Tomorrow


Trail Training

Encouraging Trail Builders of Tomorrow is key to our continued success. As part of our partnership with Outland Youth Employment Program (OYEP) – a six-week program for Indigenous high school students that focuses on land-based training and work experiences – we offer a weeklong Trail Crew Training experience, in which youth learn in the field, constructing trails, boardwalks and picnic tables. Upon completion, they receive a certificate in Trail Crew Training. In 2022, we offered training in eight camps in Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec, an increase from the previous year.



Alberta Lubicon Lake
British Columbia Puntchesakut Lake
British Columbia Ruckell Point Scout Camp
Manitoba Duck Mountain Provincial Park
Ontario Esker Lake Camp
Ontario Mink Lake
Ontario Normandy Lodge
Quebec Mont-Vidéo Resort

Youth Employment Program

Our Youth Employment Program creates employment opportunities in the trail sector for people ages 15 to 30. We were pleased to subsidize jobs for 67 youth in the summer of 2022. The focus was on employing youth facing barriers to employment. Young people were hired in the trail industry in roles focused on interpretation, GIS, bike valet service, bird research, trail tourism marketing, accessibility mapping and more.


Number of Jobs

Alberta 4
British Columbia 8
Manitoba 4
New Brunswick 2
Northwest Territories 1
Nova Scotia 2
Ontario 19
Quebec 16
Saskatchewan 11
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