Trail Projects: Central Canada


Voyageur Trail – Whiskey Lake Trail Improvements

Along with replacing damaged culverts, the Spanish River Snowmobile Club also replaced emergency shelters with new structures.

Pancake Bay Provincial Park – Edmund Fitzgerald Trail Improvements & Signage 

This location received funding for both a construction and a signage project. The construction project repaired the Lookout Stairway and other boardwalks. The signage project involved the installation of new educational interpretive signage with information about the protected dunes along Lake Superior.

Seguin Recreational Trail – Bridge Rehabilitation 

This project was to rehabilitate one of the bridges located along the Seguin Recreational Trail.

Thornton-Cookstown Trail – Bridge Replacement Innisfil

This project completed the design and reconstruction of two pedestrian bridges along the Thorton-Cookstown Trans Canada Trail.

Jackson Creek Kiwanis Trail – Trailhead & Interpretive Panels

This signage project was to renovate four interpretive panels and two trailheads along Jackson Creek Trail. The local trail group also updated their wayfinders to reflect the new Trans Canada Trail brand.

Huron Shores – Mississauga First Nation/Blind River Construction & Signage

This project saw the construction of a 1.2-km connector trail with extensive signage and wayfinding that links the Trans Canada Trail with the Boom Camp Trails and creates a seamless regionally significant network of trails that will act as a major tourism and recreational attraction. Signs also include the local Indigenous language.

City of Waterloo – Farmer’s Market Trail

These two projects, one from the regional municipality and the other from the city, include a realignment of the Trail through Waterloo to the new Metrolinx GO station. This active transportation project adds accessibility for those wishing to travel to Toronto and the rest of Southern Ontario.

City of Toronto – Lower Don Trail Access

This project connects parks on both sides of the Don River to an accessible entrance to the Lower Don Trail, the main trunk of the Trans Canada Trail through Toronto that also encompasses the Pan Am Path. The trail connects to the Waterfront Trail in the south, and to the ever-expanding East Don and Scarborough sections of the Trail, ultimately leading to Pickering.


Traversée de Charlevoix – Trail Upgrades

This upgrade project increased the trail width and height clearance for cross-country skiing, and involved the removal of hazardous trees along the trail. Boardwalks, located in wet areas, were also repaired. This project also included an information kiosk at the beginning of the trail.

Club Équestre de Mirabel – Trail Study

This study determined the appropriate route to link RCM Terrebonne to RCM Mirabel. The project involved validating the alignment of the existing trail and determining a potential route to link the two regions.

Sentier Mestachibo – Chutes Jean-Larose Improvements

This project involved rebuilding and upgrading the staircase using galvanized steel foundations, drilled into the rock foundation. A portion of stairway was replaced by a walking trail to decrease the amount of infrastructure needed.

Ville de Carignan – Trail Upgrades 

As a result of weather damage and extensive use, select sections of the Trans Canada Trail in Carignan had to be repaved, and a wooden bridge along the Trail was repaired.

La Montagnarde – Trail Upgrades

This popular path has a significant slope which resulted in extensive erosion. To prevent further deterioration, it was paved to replace the traditional stone dust.

Lanaudière – Trail Improvements

Multiple trail improvement projects to help address the connection of the Trans Canada Trail along the North Shore.

Sentiers Wakefield Trails – Reroute  

This project created a reroute that will eliminate a short section of roadway. Additionally, new wayfinders were installed along the trails.

Annual Report 2021-2022

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